Where will the Institute's event take place?


If not entirely sure why the Rotary Institute is the event of the year in our Zone 21, consider the reasons shown below:  

1. Educational Opportunities: The Rotary Zone Institute provides an excellent educational platform for its members. These events include seminars, workshops, and keynote speeches from experienced leaders and experts in various fields.

2. Networking: One of the key highlights of the Institute is the opportunity for Rotarians from different parts of the zone to interact with one another. This networking can lead to collaborations on new service projects, exchange of best practices, and forming friendships and partnerships that transcend geographical boundaries.

3. Ladership Development: this event serves as a training ground for future Rotary leaders. Those attending get to learn from experienced Rotary leaders, gaining insights and skills that they can apply to their own clubs and districts.

4.Celebration of Achievements: The Zone Institute includes a time to celebrate and recognize the work of clubs and individual Rotarians within the zone. This recognition can serve as a powerful motivator, encouraging clubs and members to strive for excellence.

5.Service Projects: Find more on service projects that all attendees can participate in. These projects provide a tangible way for attendees to put the ideals of Rotary into action.

6.Strategic Planning: Learn more on the strategic goals of the organization, encouraging alignment and synergy between the different clubs in a zone.

7.Inspiration: Lastly, the Zone 21 Institute will be an event of immense inspiration. The stories of service and friendship re-energize Rotarians and inspire them to return to their communities with renewed vigor and enthusiasm.

With all these factors combined, it’s no surprise that the Rotary Institute that we prepare for you in Bucharest will be the event of the year for Rotarians in our Zone 21 and not only!


Main venue:
JW Marriott Hotel Bucharest*****
Events, Accommodation, Lunches, Dinners

Additional accommodations:
Hotel Continental Forum Bucharest****
Walking distance, More affordable prices, Accommodation

Hotel Parliament Bucharest****
Walking distance to the main venue (10 min.)


JW Marriott Hotel Bucharest

JW Marriott Hotel in Bucharest combines its prime location, high quality accommodation, extensive conference facilities, professional staff, culinary excellence, recreational amenities, and brand reputation to make it a great venue for hosting international events. Most of the Institute activities will take place here.

The Palace of Parliament

The House of Parliament in Bucharest offers a blend of historical significance, architectural magnificence, central location, versatile event spaces, cultural immersion, unique experiences, and symbolic value, making it an attractive choice for having here our Zone 21 Institute Opening Session!

Romanian Athenaeum

The Romanian Atheneum’s architectural beauty, historical significance, exceptional acoustics, central location, cultural ambiance, capacity, and facilities, as well as its prestige and elegance, make it an outstanding choice for organizing our Zone 21 Rotary Institute Closing Session.

The venue provides a unique and memorable experience, ensuring that the event stands out and leaves a lasting impression on all participants. 

The program includes a classical music performance offered by the Paul Constantinescu Philharmonic from Ploiesti! You will love it!

The Bucharest Old City Center

The Old City Center of Bucharest offers a blend of historical charm, a variety of dining options, outdoor seating, vibrant nightlife, proximity to cultural attractions, shopping opportunities, and a cosmopolitan atmosphere. 

These factors combine to create a delightful dining experience that allows you to savor the city’s heritage, culinary delights, and vibrant atmosphere all in one place.

This is why the “Welcome Dinner” on OCT 18 will take place in a charming restaurant in the Bucharest Old City Center. A stroll at the end of it will give us the opportunity to feel the vibe of the place!


Welcome Dinner (18 OCT)
Bucharest Old City Center

Institute Opening Ceremony (19 OCT)
Palace of Parliament, Room Rosetti

Institute Closing Ceremony (21 OCT)
Romanian Athenaeum (Bucharest City Center)