Rotary Institute 2023
Zone 21

OCT 16-22

Bucharest, Romania





About Bucharest Institute

We are delighted to welcome you all to the Rotary Institute Bucharest. As we gather in this historical city, laden with culture, charm, and an enduring spirit, we hope this setting inspires and encourages us all to engage in meaningful discussions and constructive collaborations that embody the ethos of Rotary.

The Rotary Institute is not just a meeting, but a celebration of unity, service, and shared commitment to making a difference in our communities and do good in the world. Today, we stand together to embrace our shared dedication to Rotary’s guiding principle of ‘Service Above Self.’

2023-24 theme, “Create Hope in the World” resonates with the very essence of the Rotary spirit. We are united in our commitment to serve, yet it’s our diverse backgrounds, cultures, and perspectives that enrich this journey.

We would like to express our deepest gratitude to all of you who will travel from near and far to be a part of this Institute. We will leave this place not only with enriched minds and invigorated spirits, but also with a reinforced commitment to the values that we hold dear as Rotarians.

May our discussions be fruitful, our bonds strengthen, and our resolve to make a positive difference in the world be bolstered through our time together.


People of action at the same table!

Rotary Foundation Seminar

The Rotary Foundation is the heart of Rotary, a heart that beats steadily and strongly, fueling the invaluable work we do. 
In this seminar, we will delve into the many facets of The Rotary Foundation – its purpose, impact, and the role that each of us can play in its mission. It is a unique opportunity to share best practices, inspire new ideas, and learn from the collective experiences of Rotarians from around the globe.

Regional Update

This seminar serves as a unique opportunity for us to reflect on our past successes, confront the challenges we’ve encountered, and look ahead to what we can achieve together in the future. It provides a platform for us to exchange insights, share updates, and learn from each other’s experiences in growing Rotary, extending our reach, cultivating Rotary’s public image innovatively, and implementing impactful projects.

Rotary Institute

This invaluable opportunity will grant you the privilege of engaging with outstanding leaders, including the esteemed RI President 2023-24, Gordon R. McInally, and his partner, Heather.

Their presence and guidance will undoubtedly inspire and empower you on your Rotary journey. Come together to learn, make new friendships, and create treasured memories that will endure long after the event concludes!


Keynote speakers

Gordon McInally

Rotary International President

Patrik Chisanga

Rotary International Director

Katerina Kotsali-Papadimitriou

Past Rotary International
Director Convener

K.R. Ravi Ravindran

Past RI President 2015-2016

Mário César Martins de Camargo

2025-26 President-nominee Designate

Yinka Babalola

RI Vice President 2019-2020

Johrita Solari

RI Vice President 2020-2021

Nicki Scott

RI Vice President 2022-2023

Aziz Memon

TRF Trustee 2020-2024

Geeta Manek

TRF Trustee 2020-2024

Gideon Peiper

Past RI Director

Safak Alpay

Past RI Director

Corneliu Dinca

Past RI Director

Mahesh Kotbagi

Past RI Director

Enroll for the Institute

The Rotary Foundation Seminar

€ 68

Rotary Regional

€ 48

Institute Champion​

€ 425

Institute Standard​

€ 390

Rotary Friendship Day
Saturday 21 Oct.2023

€ 120

FOR DG Elects, DG Nominees and Trainers ONLY



€ 490


€ 490

DGE or DGN Partner

€ 245

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After August 15, prices might go up by 50 EUR/package.

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